VIDEO: Check out this Tyrone Garland South Philly Slam!

Tyrone Garland

There is nothing better than watching a relatively short guy dunk over a relatively tall guy, as evidenced by this posterizing dunk La Salle junior Tyrone Garland made today. The victim was Hassan Martin, who averages over two blocks a game and stands at 6-foot-7.

Garland is listed at 6-foot-1, but I’d say that is generous.

“Send it in to ESPN,” said teammate Tyreek Duren. “You should look in the paper for a nickname for that tomorrow.”

His coach already termed it the South Philly Slam, but you can check it out for yourself below.

This video was shot by Beth Salazar, a freelance videographer and recent La Salle graduate who will be shooting some footage for us this season. Do you like it? Let her know in the comments below.


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