Why is this story here? How Philahoops’ network of sites will work

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So you might be saying to yourself, why were there three stories on the homepage?

Ok, none of you are saying that, but let me just walk through what we are doing. The Philahoops network of sites will have three feature stories at all times. They are set to appear up there and are categorized as such. Underneath them will be the remainder of the sites. You can visit all sites by searching for them using the search bar (under the big pictures), clicking on a tag that you see or scrolling through to the next pages.

On top will always be breaking news, features or game stories. They will be our top stories and will probably be our most popular. The stories underneath will either be older stories in that form or a mix of quotes, blurbs or smaller stories that are usually just news not “important” enough to get into our top stories group.

So I invite you to scroll all the way through and check it all out. Get a feel for the pages and how things will work.

It is going to be a great year.

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