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Thank you for reading and for sharing our love of college basketball.

There’s probably not a better way than that to start a column announcing the unveiling of our new site. Thanks to you we are pushing forward with a new concept that we hope will make Philahoops, which now is entering its fourth season, even better. Without you there wouldn’t be a Philahoops because, as the great Bill Lyon once wrote (and I’m paraphrasing), writing is too hard to do for no one to read it.

So, with that, welcome to our new site for the 2013-14 season!

What’s the same? Our coverage.

We still will aim to get you as close to the court as possible with comprehensive coverage of Philadelphia’s six Division I schools, including game stories, previews, columns, player interviews, blogs, video and audio reports and lots more. We will be courtside for the games and practices, when we can, interact with players and coaches in locker rooms, offices, practice facilities, conference calls and anywhere else they’ll field our questions.

Philahoops isn’t just a website; it’s a group of people who are passionate about Philadelphia college basketball and writing. We love it as much as you do and relish the opportunity to provide an outlet for your enjoyment, conversation and debate.

What’s different? Our concept.

Instead of just one site, Philahoops.com, we now will have seven sites for men’s basketball. Each school will have its own site, with all of the content feeding into Philahoops.com, which will be the hub. It will be completely up to you how to digest our content. Maybe you’re a St. Joe’s fan who cares little about what’s going on with the other five schools. Well, stjoeshoops.com will be the place for you. If you’re a casual fan of all six schools, then philahoops.com will be your daily landing spot. It’s totally up to you.

Here are the new (and old) sites:








And, for our women’s fans, run by legendary Hall-of-Fame women’s basketball writer Mel Greenberg:


Bookmark, share, Tweet, link, write down on a piece of scrap paper and mail to a friend…whatever to help get the word out. We would be grateful.

And, as you probably already know, you can follow this site and interact with us on Twitter (@philahoops) and Facebook (facebook.com/philahoops).

We’ll start rolling out some content in the coming days, and we will ramp up as the season kicks off with practices beginning this year in late September.

Before signing off, I want to extend a special thank you to Joe Fedorowicz, whose vision, passion for Philly college hoops and technological skills brought the new Philahoops to life.

Finally, once again, thanks to you for reading and for helping keep Philahoops going strong.

We’ll see you courtside.

–Aaron Bracy is the founder and columnist of Philahoops. Follow him on Twitter @Aaron_Bracy and email [email protected].

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